Architect Mimar Sinan was Michelangelo’s competitor

In the Ottoman Empire, the architect Mimar Sinan was Michelangelo’s competitor when it came to designing beautiful buildings. Many will say he was completely unique and not in competition with anyone, even many hundreds of years later.

He was chief architect of the sultans Selim I, Süleiman I, Selim II and Murad III.

In the 16th century, the Turk was involved in drawing and erecting more than 300 buildings. He is without a doubt the most famous architect the country has produced. Many of his buildings were beautiful mosques, but Sinan also designed schools, palaces and other buildings. It was also this man who “invented” the now well-known dome mosques have on the roof.

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In all, Sinan is credited

84 major mosques (çami),
52 smaller mosques (mescit),
57 universities,
41 bad (hamam).
35 palaces (saray),
22 mausoleum (turf),
20 caravanserai (kervansaray; han),
17 public kitchens (imaret),
8 bridges,
8 warehouses
7 schools (co-travel),
6 aqueducts and
3 hospitals (hospital)

His most famous buildings are the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne and the Süleymanive Mosque in Istanbul, which was strongly influenced by the famous Hagia Sophia Mosque, also in Istanbul. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was considered by Sinan to be his masterpiece and is one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture.

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Mimar Sinan

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