Banksy works sold for millions again

Banksy (unknown name), born 1974 is an English writer of graffiti who operates under a pseudonym. Banksy is believed to live in Yate, near Bristol. His piece, or works of art, are often satirical works of art that deal with topics from politics, culture, and ethics. Usually the message is anti-military, anti-capitalist and / or critical of the established structure of society.

His street art, which combines graffiti with distinctive stencil technique, has appeared in London and other cities around the world.

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Street artist Banksy’s interpretation of Claude Monet’s painting “Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilie” was sold last night for 90 million dollars at auction.

The work “Show Me The Monet” is thus the second most expensive Banksy work to be auctioned off.

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