Michelangelo was the inspiration for United States Capitol Building in Washington DC

Michelangelo was a painter and sculptor and also a skilled and innovative architect.

Due to the great versatility of the disciplines he practiced, he is considered an archetypal Renaissance man, in line with his rival and equal Leonardo da Vinci.

Among other things, he is behind the dome in St. Peter’s Church in Rome, one of the world’s most famous and photographed buildings.

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The multi-artist is considered one of the first who dared to break with the building traditions and expectations of the time when he drew.

In 1523, Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Clement VII to draw a two-storey library on top of what was then a functioning monastery. The building, the Franciscan monastery’s Laurent library, broke with several rules within what was known as classical style, and used, among other things, columns not only as a structure, but as pure decor.

The Cathedral of St. Peter’s, which Michelangelo did not live long enough to see completed, has inspired buildings around the world, including the Capito building in Washington D.C.

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