Museum of Islamic Art is amazing

When we can travel again I would recommend everyone, absolutely everyone to put any prejudices aside and travel to Qatar. In the capital Doha, a modern and extremely vibrant city has sprung up. – One thing that seems a little strange, especially now that so many of us have home offices is the huge scope of skyscrapers. I have read somewhere that in Qatar there are 3 million office spaces in a country with 2.7 million inhabitants. Lots of space in other words.

It would be almost criminal to skip the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA in short) on your visit to Doha.

The museum opened in 2008. The museum is located in Doha Bay, at the southern end of the Corniche.

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It has one of the world’s most complete collections of Islamic artefacts, including manuscripts, textiles and ceramics, which has been collected since the late 1980s. The museum opened in 2008.

The buildings are designed by I.M. Pei, and is inspired by traditional Islamic architecture. The architect wanted it to stand on its own, with no other disturbing buildings nearby. It is located 59 meters from land, and around it there is a park. The museum building has a total floor area of 45,000 m².

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